Words can’t express my longing for Fall. Sure other seasons are great but nothing beats the way the leaves change all their colors and dance to the ground.

Waking up snuggled under blankets with a steaming cup of tea..or hot chocolate..or both. Pumpkin picking, pumpkin spice everything. Going outside to that relaxing brisk air and that familiar smell. Fall has a smell…at least I smell it.

And everything gets done because everyone has time. And there’s octoberfests..

Is there a place where it’s Fall all year round? I need to move there. I’m always so inspired during this season.

posted 2 days ago


Hemlocks [explored] Thank you so much, everyone! by Sandy Pogue on Flickr.

My favorite finds over the last couple days. They couldn’t be more beautiful, or have more stories to tell than I’ll ever imagine.

Under the surface it might be cracked and broken, but it can still hold the pressure it bears.

posted 2 weeks ago

I try to post something at least once a day..in hopes that it will be meaningful to at least one person and maybe even spark a brilliant idea, but sometimes.. I just get tied up.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. to start I’ve got: rescue, Pitbull, truth, behavior, happy, rolling, grass, smiling, love.